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Wellness Action Plan



Oakdale Christian Academy is committed to providing a school environment that enhances learning and develops lifelong wellness practices. Our School will encourage students to develop healthy habits of eating and physical activity.

To accomplish these goals:


  • The Child Nutrition Program will comply with federal, state and local requirements. The Child Nutrition Program will be accessible to all children.
  • Nutrition education will be promoted and provided to all students.
  • Patterns of meaningful physical activity will connect to students’ lives outside of physical education.
  • Academy children shall participate in Physical Education twice a week.
  • School-based activities will be consistent with our wellness plan goals.
  • All foods and beverages made available on campus during the school day, including vending, a la carte, celebrations, snacks and fundraising will be consistent with ISBE requirements and consistent with our wellness plan goals.
  • All potentially hazardous or temperature controlled foods made available on campus during the school day will adhere to food safety and security guidelines.
  • The school environment will be safe, comfortable, pleasing and will allow ample time and space for eating meals.
  • Food will not be used as a reward and physical activity will not be withheld as a discipline procedure.
  • Teachers and staff will be encouraged to model good nutritional behavior.

In response to the growing concern over childhood obesity and the onset of diabetes at the state, national and international levels, the Wellness Plan stated above has been developed. Oakdale Christian Academy desires to team with families and the community as they seek to provide a safe and nutritionally sound environment. Oakdale Christian Academy’s Wellness Plan meets that mandate of Federal Public Law (PL 108.265 Section 204).

Wellness Committee
Dr. Wytress Richardson, Principal/Director
Mrs. Ca’Linda Williams
Child Care Director Mrs. Patricia Thomas
Lunch Manager Parents and Childre

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